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Onion Garlic Mate 5.5L

Onion Garlic Mate 5.5L

SKU: 11159090

The cover of our uniquely designed onion and garlic storage container features optimally sized holes for proper air circulation.

The life of your onions, garlic and shallot is extended*, thanks to the container's opaque base shielding them from outside light.

What's more, the onion and garlic container will minimize moisture, keeping contents firm and fresh.

Pair with the Potato Smart Container for a matching set on your countertop or in your pantry. For convenience, they can be stacked on top of each other.

Can store up to 2.5-3kg / 5-6lb of onion or shallot and 2.5kg/5lb of garlic.

*Performance will vary subject to the freshness and type of onions and garlic.


Our Onion & Garlic Smart Container was developed following research on how to minimize sprouting, rotting, condensation and odors during storage. They will keep onions, garlic or shallots firm longer* and minimizes produce weight loss by maintaining the right humidity.

Plus, loose onion or garlic peels will be kept inside the container, keeping your pantry or counter clean! 

Saves you money - Design provides optimum storage conditions for sufficient air circulation, light and humidity, resulting in longer shelf life*.

Easy access- Thanks to the large opening, filling with onion or garlic, or taking them out, is no problem.

Mess-free - No more peels or debris strewn across your counter or pantry, the storage container will hold it all.

Perfect organization - Stack 2 containers to store your onions and shallots underneath with the garlic on top for quick access

Store up to 2.5kg / 5lb onion or garlic

*Performance will vary subject to the freshness and type of onions and garlic.



Onion types: 

  • Onions usually come in three colors: yellow, red, and white. 
  • Yellow onions are full-flavored and a reliable standby for cooking almost anything. Yellow onions turn a rich, dark brown when cooked. 
  • The red onion is a good choice for fresh dishes or in grilling and charbroiling. 
  • White onions are the traditional onion used in classic Mexican cuisine. They have a golden color and sweet flavor when sautéed. 
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