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Handy Spiral (with Spaghetti cone)

Handy Spiral (with Spaghetti cone)

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Including vegetables in your daily meals, can sometimes be uninspiring. Variety is always welcome and makes it much more fun to tick off your health to-do‘s. The Handy Spiral does exactly that for you. A small, handy noodle tool to turn vegetables like zucchini, carrots and cucumber into an attractive shape.

Works great with carrots, cucumber, zucchini, potatoes and parsnip.

  • Nothing against pasta, but now you can enjoy all of your favorite recipes completely guilt-free! Try a delicious Zucchini Bolognese.
  • Great to prep your on the go salad, and get a vegetable stir fry going on before you are ready to face the evening!
  • Anyone can do it! Impress your friends with picture perfect plates.
  • Keep your favorite style: cook your veggie noodles any way you like: steam, bake, sauté or microwave

The Handy Spiral is designed for small kitchens! It is space-saving, therefore finds its place in small apartments. Living the lifestyle of an urban citizen on the move? Don’t forget to keep yourself energized with nutritional meals you prepare at home. Easy to keep at hand and grab in a second, for one or two portions veggie noodles; you have everything you need with the Handy Spiral. It masters the tasks of spiralizing in its own way!


Turn ordinary veggies into spaghetti, with zero regrets the next day! Just a few twists to indulge yourself with quick, delicious and healthy meals, even on weekdays. Get ready for amazing zucchini noodles with this handy and compact spiralizer.

Extremely efficient and ergonomic. Thanks to the 17 ultra sharp and precise blades, in just a few seconds, make impressive zucchini noodles with minimal leftover.

So easy, so fast: As simple to use as a pencil sharpener for perfectly shaped veggie spaghetti.

Super compact: Designed for small kitchens! When not in use, tuck it away in a drawer or on a small shelf. 

Safe: Plunger's teeth hold vegetables in place while protecting your fingers.

Intuitive: Easy assembling system that keeps the cone safely locked on the base.

Ergonomic: Base design lets you grip it firmly and comfortably.




To cut vegetable noodles when you find them to be long enough, turn the plunger backwards or turn the plunger without pushing. The noodles will cut off at this length.

To get the best results with carrots try to buy the thickest carrots available in the shop of your choice. The thicker the ingredient is the more long noodles you will yield.

If you are not sure if a produce is too thick to spiralize with the Handy Spiral, try to pass it through the main body. If the produce fits through the narrowest part of the main body, the produce will not block when spiralizing.

Use vegetables as fresh as possible . If they are not fresh spiralizing will be less easy and won't always work as desired. Vegetables will tear easier without being cut.

How to Assemble

Hold the main body in one hand.

Grab the cone with the other hand by the rim around the opening.

Align the vertical line on the rim of the cone with the unlock pictogram on the main body, and let the cone slide into the main body.

Turn the cone clockwise, until the vertical line is aligned with the spiralizing pictogram. The bayonet will lock the product safely.

Place the plunger/finger protector on top of the cone, metal teeth going into the cone.

CAUTION: Do not touch the blades and metal teeth inside the cone. They are sharp and can cause injuries.

How to Use

Cut long vegetables in a 2-3 similar sized pieces,  approx. 4-5in/10-12cm

Prick the plunger into the vegetable. Do this as straight as possible.

Place the vegetable into the cone and start turning the plunger clockwise while gently pushing down.

Turn until the plunger sits inside the cone and can’t be pushed down further.

You can spiral over a cutting board, bowl, plate or fry pan.

Once ready, pull back the plunger. The vegetable leftovers will be stuck to the plunger, thanks to the special geometry of the metal teeth on the tip of the plunger. Remove the small vegetable leftover.

How to Disassemble

Lift off the plunger and finger protector and place it aside.

Hold the product in one hand.

Grab the rim of the cone with the other hand and turn counter-clockwise until the vertical line on the cone is in line with the unlock pictogram on the on the main body.

Lift up the cone and set side.

How to Clean

Disassemble the Handy Spiral.

It is recommended to clean all parts right after use.

The Handy Spiral is dishwasher safe.

DO NOT allow the blade to come into contact with other metal, ceramic or glass items as this would damage and dull the cutting edge of the blade.

When washing the blade cones by hand, use a brush to avoid touching with your hands.

Use a brush when washing the plunger. It is the best tool to remove food residue between the teeth.


When making vegetable spaghetti and tagliatelle, do NOT fry them!

Vegetables that are cut extremely thin result in a much higher contact surface. When submerging them into hot oil, it leads to a fast release of humidity within the vegetables in the oil. The humidity can result in strong foaming and potential over boiling.

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