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Recycline Paper Towel Holder

Recycline Paper Towel Holder

SKU: 11159416

At Tupperware, we care for the environment. We provide high quality products, which helps to significantly reduce the disposable packaging consumption and which are reusable for many years with a lifetime guarantee. At the end of their lifecycle, we recycle them and turn them into new products, just like our Paper Towel Holder!

This Tupperware paper towel holder has a pleasing design. The strong arm has a double function; it acts as a handle and presses the roll while detaching a towel easily. It is especially convenient for everyday needs and emergency spills. Perfect as a holder for recipe books on the countertop to keep them open during cooking.


Grab, pull, done - with our practical kitchen roll holder you have useful paper towels at hand around the house at all times. The handle is flexible, fitting small or large paper towel rolls and the tulip stopper allows you to tear off a sheet without damaging the next one. The foot ensures a safe stand, even when things get hectic in the kitchen or at the table.

Even better, it’s made from at least 50% recycled material!

Convenient: Always have paper towels on hand for everyday needs and emergency spills.

Purposeful design: The decorative tulip clip gives the right pressure to hold the roll in place while tearing off a towel.

Flexible handle: Fits most sizes of paper towels

Stays stable: Large base ensures the stand is secure on the countertop.

Easy to carry: The large handle at the base provides a comfortable grip to carry the holder wherever and whenever you need it.

Not just for paper towels! It can also be used as a holder for recipe books on the countertop to keep them open during cooking.

Sustainable: Our paper towel holder is made out of at least 50% of recycled material.


  • Material
    Full Product: PP 50% Recycled
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 14 x H 24 x L 18.7 Ø - cm / W 5.5 x H 9.4 x L 7.4 Ø - inch


Dishwasher safe

Do not use sharp or metal utensils

Not for freezer

Not for use in the microwave

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